The Cube

The world is not round. It is not flat, rectangular, octagonal, half-pipe, mug shaped, or even made to look like a gingerbread house. It is in fact a cube. A massive, floating cube, drifting aimlessly through space, its single, yellow star orbiting it steady, drifting from side to side as it moves. This is the world of The Cube, or as its inhabitants know it; home.

The Immortal Tales

"In a land where magic rules, and vampires and werewolves still walk free, the ancient war between gods has once again come to rise. Will the people of Kri be able to stop the gods from rising before it's too late?"

The world of Dryas, a distant, magical world full of wondrous and dangerous creatures.Their stories of creation, of the twin gods Ephos and Dymas and their creations, the vampires and werewolves, are well known throughout the lands. It is said that they released their beasts upon the lands, pitted them against each other, to decide once and for all who was the greater god. Upon the climax of the war, the werewolves were defeated, and the vampires banished from the lands. Their soldiers, those they had turned from humans to their own kind, remained.

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