Final Free Amazon Giveaway

As a farewell to the exclusive deal with Amazon, both Kri and Rakah L'Sterah will be available for 24 hours for free on the 20th of January, 2013. This comes as the Kobo, iBooks, and releases activate, hopefully without issue, on the 21st. As soon as links become available, the product pages will be updated and a news article published to inform you all of the changes.

Hopefully, this move will allow me to reach a much wider audience, giving everyone on Kobo and Apple devices access to my works directly from their stores, as well as non ebook reader owners able to purchase a copy directly from my site for use on any device. Physical copies will continue to be available through Amazon, and through a special CreateSpace store integrated with this website. Note that any physical purchases are shipped direct from the publisher, while digital copies are linked to your account, and will remain accessible while your account remains active.

All the information regarding the above will be posted in the appropriate locations throughout the website to simplify the transition to the new format. Thankyou to everyone that has supported me so far, whether it be through buying a book, an ebook, or participating with a free giveaway. Over the last 4 months, I have had over 500 copies combined of my works downloaded or otherwise purchased, much more than I had ever hoped or imagined, and look forward to a bright future.