New Marketing Platform

Welcome to the latest update! And a special, warm welcome to the latest facebook/twitter fans.

This is just a brief update to let everyone know that I am trialling a new method to get my book out to all you fine people: eBay. Australian eBayers may have already seen Kri listed once or twice in the past, but I am taking it to a new level. Unfortunately, for anyone outside the US, this won't be great news, due to financial limitations and my desire to keep costs low for both you and I. However, to all of you that reside in the United States, you can now find Kri listed (100 copies for now) at the low price of $14.99 with FREE, yes FREE shipping.

Since I am trialling the platform for now, I am going to see how things go with the initial 30-day listing, and decide afterwards whether it will be viable for me to continue. Fingers cross you all give me a hand and help me to make my novel as widely accessible as possible!

S. J. Vellenga