New website, new home

Welcome to the brand new website for S. J. Vellenga! A brand new layout, brand new content, and a new, more user friendly interface for you to find everything you need.

Time for a brief rundown of all the changes. The menu at the top of the page has been changed, and the old side menu is now long gone. You can access the news feed, a list of books that I have published or that I'm working on (separated into series of course), information on The Immortal Tales and The Mighty Hexahedron, with a little more info on each book, and all about me.

Hidden in the snazzy new header is a collection of character profiles for all the major characters (more coming soon) in The Immortal Tales series. Use the arrows on the left of the title to scroll through them.

Below that is the new secondary menu, providing you with links to all your favourite social media websites. I'm now a member on each of the ones listed, and will endeavor to keep the pages up to date with updates both to the website and books that I'm working on.

On the left of the page is the regular news feed alongside a new Facebook feed. Links lead you directly to their original content, making navigating to them even easier than before. The main content of the page hasn't really changed. The front page provides you with teasers to the series information.

At the bottom of the page, you have text links (in case those above had problems rendering) as well as a short slideshow of book covers. This will be randomly sorted when more books are added to my library.

The big changes, however, are on the book pages themselves. You can find information on my recommended list prices, brief information about the books, excerpts (provided online or as PDF/ePub/Mobi), and a series of direct links to where you can buy the book. It couldn't be simpler!

I hope all these changes go down well, and I hope you all appreciate the work that has been involved. Not being a big time author, I don't have the funds to back up a professional website design, so I have done all the work myself (hence the 4 weeks it's taken me to build it). Hopefully in the future I can include a review option for each of the books, so that you can have your say right here where I will actually see what you think.

Looking forward to the future, both in this new website and the novels that are underway!
S. J. Vellenga