Spreading My Wings

I've finally decided that enough is enough. It's time for me to spread my wings, break my personal boundaries, and push myself into the wide open world. There have been a bunch of different changes to reflect this in recent times, so I'll give you all a quick rundown of what's been happening.

I'm now a member of Good Reads. Using this platform, you can not only access all the information about my publications, you can also find this news feed that you are reading now, as well as any reviews that members of Good Reads may have posted, ratings I have received, and updates about upcoming projects. This is a massive community, and I am proud to now call myself a part of it.

On a similar note, my Facebook Page has also had some work of late. I've scrapped the old, irrelevant images that I once had, and replaced them with more content friendly shots. I have also installed a new tab, Good Reads, that links directly to the aforementioned website, as well as a new tab to direct you to where you can buy my books. I am hoping that in the coming days, I can upload a new, neater photo of myself as well, to better introduce myself to the world.

The final part of the promotional side of things is my new membership with Book Daily. This website allows you to preview a portion, or even the whole first chapter, of any books that have been submitted. In the case of Kri, you can read the first chapter, unabridged. For Rakah L'Sterah, you get the first decent chunk of the story. Rest assured that any future publications will be added here, and everywhere else for that matter, for your perusal.

On top of all of that, I've made a few more tweaks to existing pages that I don't feel need explicit mentioning. These can be seen across all platforms, and are there to hopefully represent and introduce myself better.

Finally, I am working with Google Play to try and get my novels available through their store. Unfortunately, it appears that they only allow works with a valid ISBN, so any users hoping to get a copy of Rakah L'Sterah will still have to try another means, or wait until the complete compilation is released. With any luck, this process should be complete in the coming weeks.

Before I end this mammoth of an update, I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their support in downloading my works. If any of you have enjoyed what you have read, it would be an incredible help to jump onto a site, like the ones mentioned above (or even the ebook store that you purchased it from), and leave me a rating and/or review.

Thankyou again to everyone, and I hope to have my next work available for you all in the very near future.