After a long haul, I've finally bitten the bullet and streamlined the website, making it less intensive to both recall the information from the database and faster to load on your end. In addition to this, there are some minor changes.

I've finally decided to add an articles section to the site. It will function similar to a blog, enabling me to share my thoughts and opinions on the writing and self-publishing world, and hopefully help some of you out with your own journey. The news items will remain, but will be kept for updates regarding the website, books, etc. Both of these feeds will contain an RSS feed to make it easier to keep up with our content.

With this will come a few changes that will roll out over the next few months. The sidebar will be modified to show the latest news item alongside the latest article. The Facebook feed will stay, but it will be joined by a Twitter feed. In addition, the fine people at AddThis have developed a fantastic tool to allow content to be shared across almost three hundred social media sites. This functionality has been added to all news items, articles, and book pages.

Finally, the book pages have been modified. They now contain two tabs each, one for the basic information about the book and one for the free excerpt. This is as a result of the withdrawal of my listings with all distributors except Amazon. The amazon link can now be found below the cover image, and will be styled slightly in the near future to make it easier to find. I am also considering some typography changes to make the content easier to read and faster to load.

There are still a few more adjustments to be made, but everything is functioning great. Hope you enjoy the new(ish) site and let me know what you think!