The Immortal Tales

"In a land where magic rules, and vampires and werewolves still walk free, the ancient war between gods has once again come to rise. Will the people of Kri be able to stop the gods from rising before it's too late?"

The world of Dryas, a distant, magical world full of wondrous and dangerous creatures.Their stories of creation, of the twin gods Ephos and Dymas and their creations, the vampires and werewolves, are well known throughout the lands. It is said that they released their beasts upon the lands, pitted them against each other, to decide once and for all who was the greater god. Upon the climax of the war, the werewolves were defeated, and the vampires banished from the lands. Their soldiers, those they had turned from humans to their own kind, remained.

For more than two thousand years, its inhabitants have lived in peace. For more than two thousand years, the surviving vampires and werewolves have lived in relative peace. This peace, however, was not destined to last. The year is two thousand four hundred and eighty five after creation, and the ancients are being called from their tombs...

The return of the ancients to the lands of Dryas was inevitable. It was simply a question of when it was to occur. Alas, the creatures could not break free from their tombs without outside help. This was to come in the form of an old and powerful witch, Rakah L'Sterah, leader of Contempus Orcanus and commander of the werewolf armies of Gorahn.

Rakah's determination to free the beasts, however, does not make his mission any simpler. He must first discover the location of the tomb, then find a means to open it. Meanwhile, Alatya Pela, head of Ordo Extraho, member of the high council of the vampire city of Kryall, stands in his way. It is with her that the key hides, and with her city that Rakah must declare war.

However, when the tomb is finally revealed, and its contents bared for all to see, will Rakah's expectations come to fruition?

With Rakah's mission well underway, and the first tomb finally torn open, his focus has been forced to change. The creature that had laid within is gone, and the body of his foe that Rakah had left behind has vanished with it. Left with no other choice, he must retreat to Gorahn and seek refuge within its walls.

Shepherd Pela, Alatya's brother and leader of the vampire elites, has managed to flee the site of the tomb after taking a brief look inside. Now travelling with one of the enemy's werewolves, Willow L'Sterah, he is forced to question his safety in her company, but destined to put his faith in her. They travel north over the ranges, seeking the second of the tombs to defend it against whatever forces may want to open it.

When the warriors of each of the factions meet again, will they be able to settle their differences to quell the ancient forces that dwell under the ground? What of Tarina Syr and her newly turned vampire accomplice? Following on from the story of Kri, Tarlos answers many questions, but leaves many more stones unturned.