After a long haul, I've finally bitten the bullet and streamlined the website, making it less intensive to both recall the information from the database and faster to load on your end. In addition to this, there are some minor changes.

The Edge Of The World

Well, it's been a very slow year, but everything is starting to happen again. The first excerpt from "The Cube: The Edge Of The World" has been uploaded, and I am please to say that I'm really quite happy with the progress. I'm looking forward to completing this novel fairly soon (I know, I've said it before) and finally getting this brainchild into the public. It's been in my mind for over a decade now, and it's incredibly rewarding to finally get it going.

The Edge Of The World

Website Updates

As the year comes nearer to its end, I felt it was time to finally make a few more adjustments to the website. After a stressful day, I've finally finished, and I couldn't be happier.

The Immortal Tales Sequel

After a year of hard work, and countless self-imposed delays, the sequel to The Immortal Tales: Kri has finally been finished! Over the coming months ( hopefully by the end of the year) it shall be edited and prepared for distribution. Stay tuned for more updates as they come in!

Digital Rollout

The new cover is finally being rolled out. Amazon and Kobo are the first to receive the new addition, with iBooks planned in the next few weeks. The print edition is hopefully going to be implemented by the end of the year, depending on how quickly it can be approved.

New cover for Kri

So lately, I've been working with a budding young artist on some new cover art for Kri. The decision has boiled down to 3 images to work with. You can check them out and have your say over on my facebook page at the link below.

When the decision has finally been made and the final work completed, the digital edition of the novel will be available for free for a limited time to celebrate. More details closer to the date.

New Marketing Platform

Welcome to the latest update! And a special, warm welcome to the latest facebook/twitter fans.

New website, new home

Welcome to the brand new website for S. J. Vellenga! A brand new layout, brand new content, and a new, more user friendly interface for you to find everything you need.

Time for a brief rundown of all the changes. The menu at the top of the page has been changed, and the old side menu is now long gone. You can access the news feed, a list of books that I have published or that I'm working on (separated into series of course), information on The Immortal Tales and The Mighty Hexahedron, with a little more info on each book, and all about me.

Spreading My Wings

I've finally decided that enough is enough. It's time for me to spread my wings, break my personal boundaries, and push myself into the wide open world. There have been a bunch of different changes to reflect this in recent times, so I'll give you all a quick rundown of what's been happening.

New Platforms

As you may have noticed, the website has changed a little in previous weeks. Both Kobo and iBooks are now up and running, and the short story, Rakah L'Sterah, is now available absolutely free on both. The Immortal Tales: Kri, remains unchanged at $0.99 across all platforms.


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