Final Free Amazon Giveaway

As a farewell to the exclusive deal with Amazon, both Kri and Rakah L'Sterah will be available for 24 hours for free on the 20th of January, 2013. This comes as the Kobo, iBooks, and releases activate, hopefully without issue, on the 21st. As soon as links become available, the product pages will be updated and a news article published to inform you all of the changes.

Massive Price Drop

A new year, a new beginning. With the coming release of Tarlos, the first novel in The Immortal Tales series, Kri, has had a massive price reduction. The ebook edition is now available for $0.99.

The End Of The World Giveaway

No doubt, you have all heard by now that the end of the world is coming on the 21st of December, 2012. There are many different theories for this, from an undiscovered planet known as Nibiru (or planet X) returning the ancient alien species called Anunaki back to our planet after a 2,600 year orbit causing a polar shift that will decimate all life on our planet, to the simple and overused zombie outbreak. Whatever the case may be, I thought I would celebrate our last day on earth by offering both Kri and Rakah L'Sterah for free download for the whole day!


Well, NaNoWriMo ends today, and it seems I have unexpectedly met most of the requirements for entry (though of course it's a little late to do so). I've managed to work my way through half of Tarlos, the second novel in The Immortal Tales. As a bonus, I've also uploaded a new image for Kri on the product page, so you can get a little look at how the physical copy looks.

Print Release

The print edition of Kri has finally become available through Amazon. Head on over today to get your copy in your hot little hands. To celebrate the occasion, the kindle edition shall be listed for free for 24 hours from 12:00am to 11.59pm on Friday 23 November PST. Get a sneak peek while you're waiting for the hard copy to arrive.


Print Delays and Tarlos Sneak Peek

Well, there have been a few delays in the delivery of my proof copy, but all going well, it should arrive this afternoon. Do not fret, however, as it will still be available in time for christmas, assuming everything has gone right in the printing process.

On a side note, things are progressing quite well with the second installment, Tarlos. Grab a sneak peek to get a glimpse into what you can expect for the future here.

New Section

The website has undergone some new additions today. I have now included an encompassing Literature page (where you can find all my written works), added a new page for the upcoming entry into The Immortal Tales, Tarlos, and added a whole new section outlining my upcoming new series The Mighty Hexahedron and its first entry, The Removal. You can find all the links below.

Kri Print Edition

The time has finally come that The Immortal Tales: Kri will be put into print. It is currently undergoing final editing, fomatting etc, and should go into production some time over the next month, just in time for christmas. It will be available in the Amazon store, alongside its eBook cousin, with new pricing for both formats. The print edition shall be available from $14.99, and the eBook edition from $4.99, that's a massive saving of $10! More information will be presented as it becomes available.


As you may already be aware, the sequel to The Immortal Tales: Kri is well underway. Today, I can announce the title. The novel shall be under the name The Immortal Tales: Tarlos, and will follow on with the story of the former. I am expecting to have it ready for release by early 2013.

On a side note, I am currently working on the foundation for a second series, The Mighty Hexahedron. In contrast to The Immortal Tales, this series shall be a more humorous take on the fantasy genre. More details will become available as the project progresses.

November Giveaway

Well, once a month I offer one of my works for free for a limited time. That time has come! You can get your copy of Rakah L'Sterah for absolutely no charge from November the 6th through to November the 7th Pacific Standard Time (PST). This is a great opportunity for those of you that haven't read any of my work yet to get your feet wet. Find the links below.

Product Page
Free Preview


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