Rakah L'Sterah Price Drop

The first part of the Origins series is now available for the rock bottom price of $0.99! Get your copy today at amazon at the link below.


Facebook and Twitter Integration

The website has recently been updated with Facebook and Twitter links at the bottom of news articles and information pages, as well as all product pages. This will allow you to share any pages that you like with your friends quickly and easily. You can find the links on news articles and products above the comments section, and on all other information pages right at the bottom.

Free Books

Well, it was much quicker and easier than I thought to enroll into the Amazon Kindle Select Program, so I already have the information regarding the free downloads. Both works, that is Kri and Rakah L'Sterah, will be available for free download through the Kindle store from 12am PST on the 25th of October. You can find both works at the link provided below.

Apple iBooks Store

I have finally received confirmation that I am able to list products through the Apple iBooks store. However, the machine that I had planned on using to do this has unfortunately failed. As a result, I am no longer able to upload through Apple until I get the machine repaired, which is not financially viable at the moment.

Origins - The First Installment

Rakah L'Sterah is the first character to offer their story for the Origins series, and it is available in the local store and through Amazon at the links below. It is available for the low price of $1.29, and makes perfect additional reading while waiting for the next part of the main series.



A coupon code is now available through the facebook page linked below. All you have to do is click the link, like the page, and enter the code you're presented with at checkout to get a discount on Kri. Keep an eye on the facebook page for more promotions and specials in the future.


Amazon Kindle Store

The Immortal Tales: Kri is now available through the Amazon Kindle store for $6.99 (price may vary country to country). It is available world wide, but only in English. Check it out today at Amazon.

In other news: The iBooks edition should be available in the coming weeks. If you would prefer to wait for that edition to hit the proverbial shelves, watch this space.

Website Updates and New Content

Over the past weeks, the website has slowly been coming together. Today, the final touches are being put in place, and the site should finally be up and running to its full capacity. Some of the features that have been polished include the news feed you are reading now, the forums, the online store, and the private messaging system. Everything has been tested to the best of my ability, but there may still be the odd teething issue. If you come across any problems, please contact me directly or post in the forums so that I can attempt to resolve the issue.


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