The Cube

The world is not round. It is not flat, rectangular, octagonal, half-pipe, mug shaped, or even made to look like a gingerbread house. It is in fact a cube. A massive, floating cube, drifting aimlessly through space, its single, yellow star orbiting it steady, drifting from side to side as it moves. This is the world of The Cube, or as its inhabitants know it; home.

One could go on and on for days, or even weeks, about the intricacies of the world. It's day/night cycle, the way its poles converge on its upper face to create a magnetic storm so incredibly intense that no one has managed to come back from it alive, even its collection of both predictable and unbelievably random assortment of gods. That, however, would be incredibly complicated, and is generally reserved for the scientists, magi-physicists, and madmen.

It is generally safe to say that if you live on the cube, you live on one side of it, never passing over the edge to see another world, never delving deep underground (unless of course you are a dwarf), and never flying high into the sky (which is considered the home of birds, pixies, and the occasional dragon). No, to be a resident of the hexahedron, you live a pretty ordinary life. Until, of course, something gets thrown out of alignment, or one of the gods presses the wrong button.

The Edge Of The World
It has once again come to that time. The time when the dwarves are charged with the task of evaluating the facets of the cube and determining who is to be removed to make way for a better people. Unfortunately for Commander Darunius Feeble and the rest of the people of Leutus, the back middle facet, they have fallen short of the mark.

As a result of this, the dwarves, pixies, trolls, and several other species, those who actually do travel over the edge, have started to vacate the city of Derano and make their way over one of the edges, leaving the city behind in a horrible state of chaos and confusion. This normally wouldn't pose a problem, except that it is happening in such great numbers.

Darunius, however, is having none of it. Determined to get to the bottom of the recent strange behavior, he enlists the help of his right wing man, Constable Squire, and Ayerton Cortus, the leading Mystery Solver of the AMS (Association of Mystery Solvers), to discover the origins of a strange cube-shaped object that he has confiscated from a group of ravenous dwarves and put an end to the recent civil uproar.